Want To Sell Your House Fast? Add Smart Gadgets Like Alexa in Your Garner House!

Want To Sell Your House Fast? Add Smart Gadgets Like Alexa in Your Garner House!

We live in an age where technology has a significant impact on our lives. Everyone relies on smartphones for everything from maintaining a calendar to getting directions to an appointment. If you want to sell your house fast, add smart gadgets like Alexa in your Garner house! It makes the house seem more modern and is enticing for younger buyers who want a move-in ready home with all the bells and whistles.

Alexa: Your Home’s Best Friend

Who doesn’t want Alexa to do it all for them? Telling any of the Google devices what to do for convenience and ease is a huge selling point. The great thing is these devices usually don’t require any real installation costs thus you can make your home look modern without paying a lot for installation. Just be sure to specify in the seller’s agreement if the unit comes with the house or not.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats can be added independently or part of an entire home automation system. Not only are these devices cool – pun totally intended – they are cost savers. Why?

When the smart thermostat is properly programmed, you don’t need to walk into a hot house and wait for it to cool down nor do you need to keep the place chilled all day when no one is home, wasting electricity and money. This helps homeowners save money on utility costs to the tune of 12 to 15 percent.

Smartphone Security Systems

Whether you subscribe to a security service or install a home system, most systems now can be accessed by your smartphone from anywhere. This means you can keep an eye on who rings your doorbell and prevent porch pirates from stealing your packages and get an idea of who or what is roaming the perimeter of your home without leaving your house, office or hotel. It keeps you safe while investigating issues.

Intelligent Lighting Systems

No one likes to come home to a dark house. But being predictable means predators are likely to learn your routines and decipher when you are really home and when you aren’t. The old-fashioned light timers are predictable and usually only end up turning on one or two lights at the same time in the same room daily. Being able to turn on outside lights and various room lights allow you to add the element of unpredictability so those scoping out homes don’t know when you are or aren’t home.

Whole Home Automation

Upgrading your home with whole home automation can cost upwards of $10,000. This means things beyond what we mentioned above are integrated into a central computer system that controls everything. Want the blinds to go up or down at specific times? No problem. Forgot what you need at the grocery store? Let your refrigerator send you a reminder. Keeping everything controlled from one central hub is convenience and while it may not garner more money in the sale, it can increase the interest and how quickly your home sells.

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